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4th of July BBQ

Fellowship Activity at last!

Host: AICF - Georgia Bryant
Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Georgia's house near church
Phone: 01071116643

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Memory Verse


2 Timothy 1:7
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

디모데후서 1:7
하나님이우리에게주신것은두려워하는마음이아니요 오직능력과사랑과근신하는마음이니

If you read these verses every day for a month, I'll bet you can memorize BOTH English AND Korean ;)

| 06.11.2009 | 

Good News from the Phillipines!

Dear my brothers and sisters in Christ,

From the day of the training in the Philippines, it already passed 4 months, and just 100 days are left. As time has gone, I wish to be a good missionary trainee.

During last week, the Filipino Ministry Bank(FMB) was held for 3 days which was one of the training program for pastors. And I met the pastor of which we has been outreach the church. He looked healthy, and shared the story about how the church changed after our outreach.

The objects of outreach is evangelism and cooperation with local church. As we prepared the various evangelical programs and messages, we delivered those to the new comers in the local church. The only thing that I could do was trust God, but he shared the news which was the first time to listen.

In that church, all the members were about 70 and a pastor and a elder are serving and both had a touch of rheumatism. During the time of intercession prayer, our team prayed for the healing for pastor and elder and another disabled one caused by paralysis. After outreach we had been praying for them and the growth of that church. Pastor Temi testified that he was healed and he didn't go to hospital any more. And the other two also became better so they could walk and move without any help. Moreover, many new comer came to church and church members were talking about our outreach team.

God shows to us this wonderful works. He is sincere and faithful. Nobody tells us what happened at the other church but we are sure that the same works might happen. These are the results of your prayer.

We want to share our prayer requests.
- pray for the unity in our team, when we go to outreach.
- pray for the co-work with local church
- pray for the victory over the spiritual warfare
- pray for our family's spiritual and physical health

Thank you for your continuous prayer and financial support.

best regards

Peter, Wendy, Sky(서재영, 서재영, 서재영)

Online Sermons Updated!

New Sermons Posted 06.14.09

June 14 - God's Love is Being Poured Out - Pastor Ho
May 31 - Abraham Our Father - Pastor Ho
May 17 - How to be Justified - Pastor Ho
May 3 - No One is Righteous, Not Even One - Pastor Ho
Unfortunately, the sermon for the week of April 19 wasn't recorded (Romans Series #8: Be a Christian among Non-Christians, Romans 2:17-29) but I encourage you to read and study that passage of Scripture yourself and try to find the message.

Find other sermons HERE!
Sorry for the delay in updating. The website redesign should hopefully make site management easier.

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Website Updates

Survey Results and New Design

Thanks to everyone who answered today's survey! It was quite successful and I got over 20 surveys back. Be sure to check out the new website design on the right! You can email any questions or comments to us using our Contact Form
Here are some of the results of the survey:

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    Site's communication task
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Thanks again for all the help filling out those surveys! Please stay tuned and check back in to this site every once in a while as the new design is created and these new features are added!

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