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I do graphic design work on a freelance (contractual) basis. Contact me about:

Design Minimum Time Minimum Price
1 Logos 2-4 weeks $250
2 Business Cards 1-3 weeks $250
3 Corporate Branding 1-2 months $350
4 Banners 1-3 weeks $250
5 Other printed documents 1-5 weeks $100
6 T-shirts 2-4 weeks $100
7 Screen/image editing 2-4 weeks $100
8 WordPress website building 1-2 months $500
9 Fully custom websites 3-6 months $2000
10 Full event branding 1-3 months $1000

**Please note: All time estimates and prices listed above are MINIMUM values. Each project request will be assessed on an individual-needs basis and quoted with a flat fee that mirrors my typical hourly rate.

Please fill out the form below to get started. This is simply a preliminary interest form to begin a dialog between us (designer and client). I will follow up with you by sending you a more detailed questionnaire to fill out to help me better assess your needs.

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