I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from religious organizations to educational institutions to private individuals.

  • Antioch International Christian Family

    AICF is the English ministry of the Jeonju Antioch Presbyterian Church. I’ve attended the church since 2006 and have been in charge of the website since 2008. I took over the weekly church bulletin designs in 2012 and have done the majority of the church designs and tech-related work since 2009 including:

  • Bubble Ball Korea

    I had previously taught English in a hagwon with Nathan. He approached me in 2015 to help him create a website for the new business venture that he and his partner Steven were beginning. They’d already registered the business in Korea and purchased the necessary equipment, and they needed a website and some promotional materials …

  • Café Étrangér

    In late June 2015, one of my friends approached me to create a logo for his coffee roasting side business he was starting. He called it Café Étrangér (“foreign coffee”) and he wanted to target primarily the expat community in Korea with his beans. I created the logo and packaging labels for him, which he …

  • David Van Minnen

    I started working with David Van Minnen on The Jeonju Hub back in 2008 after I sent him a favicon for the site and suggested he use it to add a bit more style and professionalism to the site. Since then, I’ve worked with him on numerous other projects that include:

  • Full Sail University (Student Work)

    In 2010, I enrolled in Full Sail University’s Master of Media Design year-long online intensive program. Our “Master’s Thesis” for the program was a Project Book that was to be a collection of our year-long rebranding effort for a company of our choosing. I chose to rebrand Korean tourism (previously “Korea, Sparkling”) to “Discover Korea” …

  • Global Prodigy Academy

    I’ve been working as a part-time Computer Science teacher at GPA since February 2013. During my time there, I’ve taught a number of different classes including: Computer A (MS Office) Computer B (Web Programming) AP Computer Science (Java) Yearbook (Graphic Design) Robotics (upcoming – RobotC) The work shown here are some of the things I’ve …


    I started working with the Jeollabuk-do Center for International Affairs (JBCIA) in March 2018 to produce a quarterly English-language magazine featuring stories, culture, and tourism from the province. Read more about my redesign process in the first post of this series.

  • Jeonju University

    As an English teacher at Jeonju University since 2010, I’ve had numerous opportunities to design various posters and banners for the English Cafe that our department is in charge of. Most notably, I worked on:

  • Justin Bell

    I met Justin Bell in 2012 while preparing for the 2012 One Accord event. After seeing my work with the branding of the event, he asked me to work with him on a number of projects for various brands including:

  • Key To Korean

    My wife and I took a month-long vacation to visit my parents in the US in 2012 and afterward decided to begin teaching private and group Korean lessons to expats. Key To Korean is the result of that endeavor.


    One of the Jeonju Korea TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) leaders contacted me in 2012 – after seeing my work on the 2011 One Accord event – about creating a poster and book cover design for their upcoming Chapter Conference. I was happy to oblige and have since worked with the local …

  • Lodem Heal Clinic

    One of my friends recently opened up his own Psychiatry clinic after working in a large hospital for a number of years. I received a phone call one Friday night asking for my help to (quickly) design a logo to be used to brand the new clinic. They wanted to print (everything) banners the next …

  • One Accord Jeonju

    One Accord is an annual gathering of Jeonju’s English churches for a night of worship music. I’ve been the graphic designer for these events since the beginning of the gathering in 2011. With each year, the churches decide upon a different theme, and I do my best to create a different style (and color) with …


    REACH stands for Reaching the Enslaved as Christ’s Hands. It is a Christian ministry in Jeonju that seeks to reach out to the prostitutes and pimps in the city. They’ve only been active since 2013, but have already gained much support from city employees and other (religious and non-religious) expats and Koreans in Jeonju.

  • Together Community Church

    전주 함께하는 교회 (Together Community Church) is a church plant in Jeonju that my wife and I helped get going from 2010-2012. It is led by her best friend’s father who had been seeking to come to the city for nearly a decade.

  • Winning Story

    In 2012, one of my good friends opened a coffee shop / study cafe in town. Originally, he had the graphic design company on the third floor of his building design their logos, banners, and flyers. But, after seeing my work with AICF designs, he started to have me create poster designs for large cafe …