Graphic Design Portfolio

Open Heavens Rio 2016 Promotional Materials

In early 2016, Justin Bell asked me to help create some promotional materials for a mission trip he was planning to take to Rio de Janeiro in the summer. The following are his design notes: Hey Aaron, Im headed to Brazil this summer to Rio de Janeiro for Mission trip and the Title is  – …

Jeonju House of Prayer Shirts

One of the main reasons for creating the JHOP logo in the first place was to get it printed on t-shirts. Below is a collection of t-shirt concepts I sent upon request:

The above purple design on light gray was not approved for printing.

Jeonju House of Prayer Banners

Along with the JHOP Logo design, Justin was also having some banners made. The design above is the original horizontal banner design I sent him, and the image below contains vertical banners that he ultimately had the print shop print.


Jeonju House of Prayer Logo

Initial Concept Shortly after Sujeong Church decided to not use the Bended Knees United brand and business cards, the pastor contacted me with a new idea for JHOP: Jeonju House of Prayer. The Scripture: Isaiah 56:7 – “These I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their …

Bended Knees United Tract

Around the time I branded One Accord 2013, Sujeong church’s pastor asked me to create some tracts for the event (view that tract here). He gave me a sample of what he wanted and it was very similar to the design below. However, I didn’t like the font on the original (a thin sans-serif like Helvetica …

Bended Knees United Business Cards

After working on the Sujeong English Service business cards, the pastor requested that I also create some cards with his other logo. Unfortunately, these never went to print as the church decided to go in another branding direction (the Jeonju House of Prayer), but here are the designs anyway.

Download Bended Knees United cards PDF

Original Designs

You can see how visually similar these cards are with the original Sujeong English Service cards. I kept them similar to show they are related.


Sujeong English Service Business Cards

Design Brief After noticing my work on the One Accord designs, the Sujeong church pastor contacted me about creating some business cards for his church. Initial contact email: Aaron, wanted to ask if you could design some cards for the church and the ministry. The idea I had and wanted was something simple but modern. …

Bended Knees United Shirts

After having me do business cards for Sujeong English Service, the pastor of the church asked me to help him print some t-shirts as gifts for some friends and family back in the US.

He sent me a copy of a logo that one of his friends had previously created and asked me to get it on a shirt for him. Below is the design progression from the initial (high quality) JPG image to the final design that was printed on the shirts.