Open Heavens Rio 2016 Promotional Materials

In early 2016, Justin Bell asked me to help create some promotional materials for a mission trip he was planning to take to Rio de Janeiro in the summer. The following are his design notes:

Hey Aaron, Im headed to Brazil this summer to Rio de Janeiro for Mission trip and the Title is  –   OPEN HEAVENS 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have attached 2 designs to give you a feel of what Im looking for.

  1. 1st design– The face and the ripped like paper look is really creative. I would like a (1) open heaven design then on the other side of the rip would be (2) the nation of Brazil. So the top would be the open heaven and the bottom would be a piece of Brazil whichever part you feel looks good with the design.
  2. 2nd Design (Pinkish Color) – This design has a unique [abstract] thing on it and I’m not sure what it is. But I was thinking for this design you could have the whole nation of Brazil pictured, then on top or running across the nation of Brazil would be a unique [abstract] design with the words in the middle or centered like it is on the [pictured] design. Let me know your thoughts.

Initial Concept

The following are the two designs Justin sent me:

And the designs I created based on them:


In addition to the PPT design, Justin also asked me to create some t-shirt designs. The two options are pictured below:


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