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    • Need a website? Allow me to assist you. Since 2012, I’ve build dozens of WordPress websites. Typical turnaround time is anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.

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    • Need a website but don’t know how to start? Interested in branding your product or service with a logo? I provide FREE consultation for up to 30 minutes.

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    • I run two local web development Meetups (WordPress & Free Code Camp). I also teach coding and graphic design at an international high school in Jeonju. How can I help you?

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    • I’ve lived in Korea for over a decade & my wife is Korean. Not only do I create bilingual websites and print designs, I also translate plugins, themes, & some documents.

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    • Logos and print design are my speciality. From non-profits to coffee shops, sports clubs, & schools, I’ve branded, beautified, & printed all types of promotional materials.

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  • I specialize in WordPress web development & Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, etc). I’m based locally in Jeonju, Korea, but have worked with clients from all over the world.

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Beauty & Simplicity

You have a business, product, or service, and you want it to look good; to stand out; to break through all the noise. I work to help you do just that.


I’m a skilled web developer with over 7 years experience building and managing client websites and 3 years experience contributing to Open Source projects like WordPress. I’m proficient in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and WordPress, a competent user of JavaScript, jQuery, Foundation and Bootstrap Frameworks, and have taught website design and development as part of the core technology curriculum in GPA International High School for 3 years.

I’m also an experienced graphic designer specializing in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. I’m a freelancer with over 5 years professional experience creating business cards, brochures, ads, flyers, posters, banners, t-shirts, logos, websites, branded materials, newsletters, magazines, books, and more. Additionally, I teach basic graphic design and computer literacy courses at GPA International High School.

Additionally, I’m an experienced ESL teacher with over 10 years in classrooms in Korea. I have taught conversational English and Speech/Presentation classes to university students for over 6 years at Jeonju University. And additionally, I have taught TOEIC Speaking, TOEFL Writing, TOEFL Speaking, TOEFL Reading, Drama, and Debate for over 3 years to various age levels from middle school to adult.

Latest Projects

KOTESOL 2018 Busan Regional Conference Poster

Toward the beginning of 2018, the President of the KOTESOL Busan chapter contacted me to work on designing a poster for their Regional Conference. In November 2017, I’d just finished listening to Ernest Kline’s bestseller, Ready Player One, that was being made into a movie due to come in the first quarter of 2018. I …

KOTESOL 2018 International Conference Poster Concept

This poster was my third attempt at designing an International Conference poster for KOTESOL. I had previously designed the 20th Anniversary poster in 2012, and submitted a poster for the design contest in 2015 which was not accepted at that time. So, this was my third attempt. Conference Theme: Focus on Fluency Based on the …

2017 Christmas designs

Originally, I’d been considering designing the logo on a Christmas ball (as I’d also considered last year), but after browsing the Internet for a while, I stumbled across the second image below and really loved the gradient it used. So I employed it in this design as well, and it worked perfectly with the white …

KOTESOL 2017 Jeonju-North Jeolla Regional Conference Designs

In Korea, November 11 is a special holiday like Valentine’s Day that is called “Peppero Day” – named after chocolate covered snack sticks that resemble straight lines (or the number 11). The written date 11.11 looks like four Peppero sticks next to each other, hence the name. Because the Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL conference was to …

Winning Story Map

After seeing the work I did on the Lodem Heal map, the owner of Winning Story asked me to do a similar design for the new location of his cafe.  

2016 Christmas: This is the Sign for You

Originally, I was planning to design the logo in a decorative circular format and place it on a red Christmas tree ball like the ones pictured below. But eventually, I decided to use the logo on a few stock photos of babies as the final designs show. Logo First designs Final designs

Practical English Reading 1

After the experience of publishing the Practical English Writing series in 2016, the team decided to create a Reading book as well. In July 2016, they sent me the file they’d put together and asked me to design the book for the upcoming semester (beginning in September). The Practical English Reading book was much longer …

‘Laon’ Hanok Cafe Menu

If you haven’t seen my logo design project for this cafe yet, please do go check that out. This project was to create the cafe menu. Specifications: Create an A4 size design – in both portrait and landscape orientation Design it in PowerPoint so she could modify the menu herself later – and also use …

De Anne Dubin Portfolio Site

On Thursday, June 30, one of my contacts from Busan asked me if I wanted to take over a website project that he didn’t have time to complete. I readily agreed. Here are the details: Original project deadline: Tuesday, July 5 (five days later) Project template: Solidaire from Theme Forest (single page HTML template) Estimated time …

GPA Yearbook Website

I built this website for GPA (Global Prodigy Academy) high school students to download their Yearbook from because I thought that a landing page would be more interesting for them than if I just sent out an email with the PDF. The site design is based on the site I previously built with Zurb Foundation …

‘Laon’ Hanok Cafe & Guest House Logo

I was recently presented with a great opportunity to design a logo for a new Hanok (traditional Korean style house) cafe and guest house. This project definitely has the highest potential visibility of anything I’ve ever done. Jeonju Hanok Village annually attracts upwards of 8 million visitors and that number is expected to top 10 million in the next …

GPA Yearbook 2015-16

This year at the international high school I work at, I was given a class called “Yearbook.” So, obviously, the final deliverable for the class was a Yearbook. The Yearbook is 90 pages long and contains 459 images. Each student was in charge of designing at least one 2-page spread for a total of around …

GPA Newsletters

As part of the GPA Yearbook class (now changed to “Graphic Design”), one of our jobs was to create a fairly regular newsletter to send out via email to the students’ parents. We tried to make one per month and will continue to do so for as long as I teach that class. I had …

KOTESOL 2016 Jeonju-North Jeolla Regional Conference Poster

When I heard the theme for the 2016 annual KOTESOL Regional Conference in Jeonju: Dive in! Transforming Students from Spectators to Speakers I thought it could be used to create a really intriguing visual, so I volunteered to help design the poster. It just so happens that at the same time, I was teaching GPA …

Duet English Civil War Summer Camp Pages

For their summer English camp in 2016, the owner of Duet English academy in Jeonju asked me if I’d help him make some activity papers based on Marvel (and DC) super heroes and Captain America Civil War. I was happy to help. One of the reasons I like working with Leon (owner of Duet) is …

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  • I have never built a website nor have I ever needed one built. So, needless to say, I was completely in the dark as to what was available out there and what options I had on the site. Aaron was awesome in every way possible. He truly wanted to understand what we wanted in our site, he took the time to meet with us when we needed to build it, and he has continually helped us out if we’ve had questions since its launch. Aaron made the process completely stress free and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

  • Aaron did a great job creating an inventive logo, business card, and pamphlet for my burgeoning business. We’ve had great communication along the way, and he always had things done faster-than-expected. I look forward to working with Aaron in the future as I continue to grow my business.

  • I was extremely happy with both the quality of work, and professional attitude from Mr. Snowberger. He helped me take an idea from concept to finished project (a smooth running machine). I knew what I wanted but I didn’t know what was possible. He was patient and helpful as I asked numerous questions, and asked for numerous changes. He worked with me every step of the way to ensure I not only understood what my options were, but which would work best for me.

    Now that the project is complete, I am left with not only an excellent virtual space for my business, but also full confidence that I am not alone if any problems arise. Mr. Snowberger delivered more than he promised and has a lifelong customer in me.

  • Aaron provided Bubble Ball Korea with a number of services that made the whole start up process much easier. He listened to our requirements when creating our website and flyers and went beyond that by adding his own ideas, which were all excellent and welcome. Our limited knowledge of website design was not an issue as Aaron made everything comfortable and simple to understand. He has kept in contact with us since and has helped with any further issues that have arisen. We thank him for a stellar job and hope to work with him again in the future.

  • Aaron was an exceptional student in our online Media Design MFA degree program. Even though he lived half-way around the globe during the time he was working on his degree, he participated in live sessions, connected with his fellow students, and produced a stunning capstone project that continues to be one of the best examples of student work from our program. I highly recommend Aaron as a person who is motivated, dedicated, and exceptional in not only meeting but consistently exceeding expectations.

  • Aaron was in my Effective Copywriting course in the Media Design Masters of Fine Arts program at Full Sail University and earned superior grades in that class. Based on his grades and class participation, I would rate his academic performance in my class as superior. He has a number of strengths to offer an employer. Aaron is always interested in supporting others and he always went above and beyond in his assignments and continually brought something new and innovative to the discourse. I would highly recommend Aaron and he will be a positive addition to any organization.

  • I enjoyed working with Aaron during all parts of the development process – from initial mock-ups to finalised designs and HTML code. However, probably the best part of the process was how well he followed my original spec in the very first mock-ups, incorporating all the elements I’d requested. He was also very responsive to changes I wanted during the design process. Read more…

  • Aaron is one of those rare students whom a teacher could learn from and expand on their own knowledge! Through him, I was able to broaden my international knowledge base of design. His time management is impeccable, even with the differential in time zones. I would recommend Aaron to employers internationally as one dedicated to his work as well as his passions, which in many cases are one in the same!

Latest Articles

This is Korea: Mood Board Design for Tourism Promotion

I created this mood board with the specific purpose of thinking about tourism from the perspective of a Western traveler who wants to take a vacation, but has little understanding about Korea. I find that the biggest problem most Western people have with Korea is a misunderstanding of it. When I say “Korea,” most people …

The Importance of Targeting Different Audience Demographics

In my previous post, I started talking a bit about understanding and targeting different demographics and considering various audiences a company may want to market to. This post is a little more on that topic, and uses TOMS shoes as an example. By implementing shoes that represent musical artists, the teenage demographic would be sure …

Thinking of Redesigning MySpace?

A classmate of mine wanted to redesign MySpace, and include a Pandora-like feature. That might be a good idea, but MySpace needs much more than just Pandora to revitalize it. I have tried the service once or twice, but it was always a bit too cluttered for my tastes. Plus, it seemed to target a …

A Modern Civil War Poster for South Korea’s Cheonan Warship Sinking

This post explores the history of INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY (1830-1944), Victorian Design (1840-1900), and Civil War Posters (1861-1865) in order to create a modern representation of a Civil War poster, based on the sinking of the South Korean warship – the Cheonan – on March 26, 2010. Click here for a large image of the full …

Coding an Advent Calendar: Day 4

This year, I decided to create an Advent Calendar website in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. My hopes for the site are to showcase some of my frontend development abilities as well as make something fun, functional, and reusable. Day 4 JavaScript Countdown clock with SVGs After browsing some other Codepens tagged “advent”, and “calendar”, and “clock”, …

Coding an Advent Calendar: Day 1

This year, I decided to create an Advent Calendar website in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. My hopes for the site are to showcase some of my frontend development abilities as well as make something fun, functional, and reusable (for the next year, and the next year, and the next year, etc). Day One The goal …

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