Graphic Design Portfolio

My wife and I took a month-long vacation to visit my parents in the US in 2012 and afterward decided to begin teaching private and group Korean lessons to expats. Key To Korean is the result of that endeavor. The site was built for three primary reasons and all the additional materials were created to complement the site.

  1. To provide a wealth of Korean-learning resources to expats
  2. To provide supplementary materials for each of my wife’s classes
  3. To provide language-learning motivation to students (but primarily to ME – because I constantly need some kind of inspiration or motivation to push on toward fluency)

In the future, we are looking at taking this website and brand further by creating:

  1. An online forum + community
  2. A series of networked blogs
  3. An online store
  4. ebooks & printed materials (including t-shirts) for sale

Key To Korean T-shirts

This is a design I created to go along with our Key To Korean rebrand in 2015. The shirt (and model above) would be purchased from www.dantee.co.kr which is the company I usually use for t-shirt printing.

I haven’t yet printed the shirt as there hasn’t been a lot of interest expressed in it, but I think the design with the logo like this looks great, so I’m still interested in getting a copy for myself at least.

More details about the shirt design can be found on our Key To Korean website here →

Key To Korean Business Cards

My wife has been after me for quite a while (a few years?) to design her some business cards for her Korean tutoring lessons. We started a website in 2012 to (hopefully) bring in a little supplementary income while she was a stay-at-home mom. She tutors expats in Korean in a study cafe in town …


Visit KeyToKorean.com → Key To Korean is one of my personal “pet” projects. I started this website back in September 2012 with TWO goals in mind: To motivate myself to learn Korean to fluency To provide supplementary (“blended”) learning materials for my wife’s Korean tutoring classes 2015 Redesign I’d wanted to do a total overhaul …

Key To Korean Document Designs

Wow. Talk about an extensive, ongoing project. This is the BIGGEST design project I’ve ever started – because it’s eternally ongoing. In 2012, my wife and I started Key To Korean as a way to: Give her an opportunity to make a little extra money on the side Motivate me to push myself to learn Korean better …