Key To Korean Document Designs

Wow. Talk about an extensive, ongoing project. This is the BIGGEST design project I’ve ever started – because it’s eternally ongoing. In 2012, my wife and I started Key To Korean as a way to:

  1. Give her an opportunity to make a little extra money on the side
  2. Motivate me to push myself to learn Korean better
  3. Provide language resources and motivation for other Korean students

As it’s only (currently) a two-person team, I’m the CBO (Chief Brand Officer) which means I take care of EVERYTHING design and brand related while my wife is the teacher. This means if something comes out with a Key To Korean logo on it, I’m the guy who made it:

  1. Vocab papers, workbook sheets, ebooks
  2. Website & social media branding designs
  3. Video or audio podcasts on iTunes or YouTube

This post covers the extensive amount of documents I’ve created (so far) for Key To Korean.

Vocabulary Papers

ALL Vocabulary and grammar pages can be found here. And all this vocab/grammar only covers up to TOPIK Level 2.5. The goal is to keep going until I surpass TOPIK Level 6!

Beginner (TOPIK Level 1)

Low Intermediate (TOPIK Level 2)

Intermediate (TOPIK Level 3)

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 7.20.41 AM

Hanja (Chinese character) Vocab

Find our Hanja vocabulary papers here.

Writing Papers (Wongoji)

Wongoji papers can be downloaded here and the guidelines here.


Special Intermediate Winter Class

This ebook uses a logo design we ultimately decided against. Learn more about the logo design by clicking here (upcoming).

Jeonju City Bus Guide

This guide is 129 pages and can be downloaded here.

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