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Every summer and winter vacation, I usually work an elementary English camp. In 2013, the school purchased an Extensive Reading program for the students to use, but in 2014 decided not to do so again. Therefore, the camp director asked me if I had any ideas for a similar program and I suggested Learning With Texts (which I’d already previously installed on my own Korean learning website).

Initial Work


  1. Installed Learning With Texts
  2. Populated the database with 30 Beginner readings + 30 Intermediate readings
  3. Created user accounts for each of the 120 students + uploaded the database of texts to each account

The demonstration of the software prompted another coworker of mine to ask me to build him a similar site (with Learning With Texts) for his English academy.

Subsequent Work

After the camp was finished, the director wanted to continue using the site to promote her business and recruit new students for additional camps.

KEEP = Kimmie’s Extensive English Program

She asked me to help her set up a corporate style site to:

  1. Promote her business
  2. Recruit new students
  3. Act as a repository for her previous and future work

Theme choice

Initially, I found a FREE professional Theme called Corp that I suggested using. However, it was broken and would have required extensive time and energy to FIX it. Therefore, she ultimately purchased another Theme called Output from the same company that I modified and began uploading content for her.

Logo modifications

In addition to the homepage, I modified her original logo a bit, removing the dots and creating a straight horizontal and a vertical logo as well as a website favicon (the icon in the URL address bar).

Homepage slider

After she had some other materials (business cards, banners, and flyers) professionally printed, I created the homepage slider images based off of those.

eap-slider1 eap-slider2 eap-slider3 eap-slider4 eap-slider5

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