Chokeberry Flyer

My father-in-law has a farm out in the country and has recently started growing and harvesting chokeberries (aka aronia berries). These have been reported on in the news as the new “Super Berry” and though quite bitter if just eaten raw, you can mix them with other foods and ingredients to make a pretty special “Super food.”

In order to help promote the sale of his berries and provide some additional information (including re-ordering info) in the boxes he shipped, my wife offered to have me design some double-sided flyers for him.

So, I spent one ENTIRE Saturday (about 8 hours) researching, typing, and designing these flyers. The info included here is:

  1. Vitamin and mineral info
  2. Uses (what parts of the body it’s good for)
  3. Health comparison graphs with other famous berries
  4. Ordering info
  5. Purchasing options (berries, extract, or juice)
  6. Recipes and suggestions for eating

This was one of my very FIRST entirely Korean language designs and (though time-consuming) was fun to make.

You can download the printable PDF (the one we actually used to print them) here.

Once again, here are the two individual pages of the flyer at slightly larger sizes:

chokeberry-flyer-page1 chokeberry-flyer-page2If you’re interested in purchasing some aronia berries when harvest season comes back around, let me know and I’ll hook you up!~ (Shipping only within Korea.)


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