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One of my coworkers asked me to do a little work for him on some designs for his English teaching academy just as they were getting ready to open it. Initial work requested was:

  1. Combine a Korean (heart) flag + Canadian (heart) flag to create a logo
  2. Clean up some of their profile photos in Photoshop
  3. Create a workbook cover for student books

Some time after the initial work, he then also asked me to help him set up a (WordPress) website for the school for three reasons:

  1. Primarily as a promotional tool for new and interested parents
  2. As a place to list the daily and weekly homework
  3. To include Learning With Texts for students to do extended English reading

This is the THIRD site I’ve set up Learning With Texts on.

He was on the ball with getting me all the materials in a very timely manner and I worked hard to set up the site for him in just a few weeks including:

  1. Custom CSS modifications of the chosen theme (Pitch)
  2. Custom installation of Learning With Texts
  3. Creation of all pages, the banner, and uploading of all content
  4. Automated backups using the BackWPup plugin

Comparison of original Theme and Final Result

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