AICF 2014 Brochure

In early 2014, the AICF church pastors asked me to update our church information pamphlet as a tri-fold brochure that could be printed on an A4 paper. After visiting the print shop and confirming the measurements, I set to work. Since we were right in the middle of the Matthew series at that time, I used the same design elements and colors from the Matthew sermon art to influence the design of this brochure.


During the brainstorming phase, I started out by simply adding all the text the pastor sent me into a Photoshop document and resizing it and positioning it in a tri-fold design with a few images.


Eventually, I began Google searching brochure images until I found some that inspired me:


After finding the above image, I set to work redesigning the church brochure so that:

  1. It emphasized “community” and “family” (the church motto) more clearly with the images on the cover
  2. It broke away from a strict tri-fold three-way split over the pages, allowing some content to overlap between pages
  3. Kept the same original 4 images for the church’s “Core Values”

brochure-2-rgb brochure-3-rgb

Version 1


brochure-v1-p1 brochure-v1-p2

Final Version


brochure-v2-p1 brochure-v2-p2Changes between Version 1 and the Final Version include:

  1. More prominently featuring the second pastor on the cover
  2. Darkening the “Core Values”
  3. Modifying the introductory text area on the inside cover

All in all, this was one of the most satisfying designs I’ve ever put together.

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