Graphic Design Portfolio

전주 함께하는 교회 (Together Community Church) is a church plant in Jeonju that my wife and I helped get going from 2010-2012. It is led by her best friend’s father who had been seeking to come to the city for nearly a decade.

Initially, they asked me for a logo design to help express who they wanted to be as a church (united/together). After seeing the logo, the church was so pleased with it that they  also asked me to also create:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Banners
  3. Retreat booklet covers
  4. The weekly church bulletin design

Together Community Church Bulletin (2010-2012)

I created the TCC church bulletin design in April 2010 and continued creating and modifying each weekly bulletin until August 2011. So for about 1.5 years, I was doing both the TCC bulletin design AND the AICF bulletin design – while going to grad school. It only cost me about 1 hour per week when …

Together Community Church Summer Retreat Booklets

I created the summer retreat booklets for Together Community Church twice:

  1. 2010 a vector image in full color
  2. 2011 in grayscale (to save on printing costs)

2010 Version

2011 Version

Together Community Church T-shirts

After creating a pretty unique logo that everyone was quite satisfied with, they asked me to follow it up with some t-shirt designs for the summer retreat the church was going on. I came up with NINE variations and the one pictured above was chosen for printing.

Because they liked the logo so much, the members even splurged a bit on 4-color prints (more expensive than a single-color print would have been).

The NINE Designs

(Left side = front; right side = back)


My wife and I sporting the t-shirt designs
My wife and I sporting the chosen t-shirt designs

Together Community Church Retreat Banners

These banners were made to go along with: The new TCC logo design The new TCC t-shirts The TCC summer retreat booklet I wasn’t given much design direction for these banners except sizing. However, learning from previous experience (see the Horizontal banners) taught me that over-doing the “pretty” and under-emphasizing the text on banners that were …

Together Community Church Logo

Before beginning my Master’s program in Media Design from Full Sail University, my (just married) wife’s former pastor/mentor decided he was ready to move back to the city to start his own church. She suggested that I create a logo for the church as they started getting set up. The church name is “함께하는 교회” …