Together Community Church Retreat Banners

These banners were made to go along with:

  1. The new TCC logo design
  2. The new TCC t-shirts
  3. The TCC summer retreat booklet

I wasn’t given much design direction for these banners except sizing. However, learning from previous experience (see the Horizontal banners) taught me that over-doing the “pretty” and under-emphasizing the text on banners that were meant to be read from a distance was a big mistake. Therefore, I went a little overboard in trying to keep the text as BOLD and the background as simple as possible.

Ultimately, these banners were turned down in favor of something a little more “cute” and Korean design style. I actually really liked how these turned out, but without being able to communicate well in Korean with the church deacons, I was unable to clearly and quickly decipher exactly what they wanted – so they went with a design one of the deacons found online instead.

Something a bit like this:


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