I Am Thou Art Logo

In 2010, I started on a personal project that would carry on until around mid-2012: a religious art series I developed in Photoshop and Illustrator that I called “I Am Thou Art.” This was a play on the old King James style English where people would say, “Lord, thou art holy” etc, and since God’s name is declared as “I Am” in Exodus 3:14, I thought it had a nice ring to it and left it open for additional adjectives or endings on the phrase:

  • I AM, thou art… holy
  • I AM, thou art… good
  • I AM, thou art… Creator


Logo Creation

Fonts used:

  1. Romana Becker Ultra for the gold text
  2. Brush-tip Terrence for the purple paint
  3. Eurofurence for the taglines

I originally created the logo in Illustrator, then modified it in Photoshop, adding:

  1. A gold gradient
  2. A border gradient
  3. Background shadows and texture
  4. Beveling and embossing with a purple color overlay to create the paint-like effect

The whole goal of the logo was to make it look like royalty (thus the gold bar text and purple colors) and painted art at the same time.

I created the black-and-white version in Illustrator as well as a black background version and 2 variations on a white background. The first white background logo merely changed the black background to white and kept the texture. I didn’t like how it didn’t look clean on the white background, so I deleted the texture and enhanced the gold colors for version 2.

iamthouart-blacknwhite-logo IAMThouArt-nicelogo-50 IAMThouArt-nicelogo-white-50 IAMThouArt-nicelogo-white-update-50

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