Graphic Design Portfolio

I’ve been working as a part-time Computer Science teacher at GPA since February 2013. During my time there, I’ve taught a number of different classes including:

  1. Computer A (MS Office)
  2. Computer B (Web Programming)
  3. AP Computer Science (Java)
  4. Yearbook (Graphic Design)
  5. Robotics (upcoming – RobotC)

The work shown here are some of the things I’ve built and designed to help teach students.

GPA Yearbook Website

I built this website for GPA (Global Prodigy Academy) high school students to download their Yearbook from because I thought that a landing page would be more interesting for them than if I just sent out an email with the PDF. The site design is based on the site I previously built with Zurb Foundation …

GPA Yearbook 2015-16

This year at the international high school I work at, I was given a class called “Yearbook.” So, obviously, the final deliverable for the class was a Yearbook. The Yearbook is 90 pages long and contains 459 images. Each student was in charge of designing at least one 2-page spread for a total of around …

GPA Newsletters

As part of the GPA Yearbook class (now changed to “Graphic Design”), one of our jobs was to create a fairly regular newsletter to send out via email to the students’ parents. We tried to make one per month and will continue to do so for as long as I teach that class. I had …

KOTESOL 2016 Jeonju-North Jeolla Regional Conference Poster

When I heard the theme for the 2016 annual KOTESOL Regional Conference in Jeonju: Dive in! Transforming Students from Spectators to Speakers I thought it could be used to create a really intriguing visual, so I volunteered to help design the poster. It just so happens that at the same time, I was teaching GPA …

GPA Student Website Designs

I’ve taught Web Programming (Computer B) at GPA from August 2013 – December 2015 (5 semesters). Through each progression of the class, we’ve studied a number of different concepts and I’ve introduced the students to many components of modern web design and programming: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap I find the best ways for the students …