Graphic Design Portfolio

AICF is the English ministry of the Jeonju Antioch Presbyterian Church. I’ve attended the church since 2006 and have been in charge of the website since 2008. I took over the weekly church bulletin designs in 2012 and have done the majority of the church designs and tech-related work since 2009 including:

  1. Website
  2. Logo
  3. T-shirts
  4. Banners
  5. Posters
  6. Flyers
  7. Weekly Bulletins
  8. Weekly Sermon Podcast
  9. Weekly PPT
  10. Weekly Sermon transcription (LIVE)

2017 Christmas designs

Originally, I’d been considering designing the logo on a Christmas ball (as I’d also considered last year), but after browsing the Internet for a while, I stumbled across the second image below and really loved the gradient it used. So I employed it in this design as well, and it worked perfectly with the white background.

The font I chose here is also quite cool: RowoTypeface

Final Designs

2016 Christmas: This is the Sign for You

Originally, I was planning to design the logo in a decorative circular format and place it on a red Christmas tree ball like the ones pictured below. But eventually, I decided to use the logo on a few stock photos of babies as the final designs show.


First designs

Final designs

AICF Banners

Over the years, I’ve created numerous banners for AICF to stand on either side of the cross behind the pulpit. It all started with the 2010 banners I made to go along with the website redesign that year. The full banner collection is below: 2018 Acts Banners 2017 Romans Banners 2016 All About Jesus Banners 2015 …

AICF Easter Banners 2015

As I’m the graphic designer at church, I have the option to produce almost anything I think is interesting that matches the theme of the week or message series. One thing I’ve enjoyed producing for quite a while are double banners (60cm x 180cm) that hang on either side of the cross behind the pulpit. Inspiration …

AICF One-Year Bible Reading Plans

I’ve made two separate sets of One-Year Bible Reading Plans for AICF. The first was a double-sided A4 made of my own initiative in 2011 and the second was a smaller, B5 booklet made by the request of the pastor to go along with a similar one made by the Korean church. 2015 Booklet Download …

AICF Sermon Art

Since around mid-2012, I began creating Sermon Art for the AICF. Here is the collection as it stands so far: Isaiah 43:25 Philemon: Charge it to me James: Put your faith to work Philippians: A study in contentment Galatians: Justified by faith Matthew: The book of Kingship Easter 2012 Easter 2015 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2013 …

AICF Bulletin (2008-2018)

Bulletin Design Evolution I’ve been working on AICF’s bulletin designs since as early as 2008 (though I’ve only taken over the design since 2012). Here is a summary of the bulletin designs over the years including software used and the main bulletin creator. 2012 – present: Adobe InDesign (creator: Me) 2010 – 2011: Apple Pages (creator: …

2014 Christmas Sermon Art: Immanuel

Originally posted on our church site, here are the Christmas designs I made for 2014. Notes: This image is a combination of a few real photographs – (1), the “Christmas Tree Cluster” galaxy in the sky; (2), the Aurora Borealis. I merely doctored up what God’s already made. He’s a much better artist than I. Widescreen …

AICF 2014 Brochure

In early 2014, the AICF church pastors asked me to update our church information pamphlet as a tri-fold brochure that could be printed on an A4 paper. After visiting the print shop and confirming the measurements, I set to work. Since we were right in the middle of the Matthew series at that time, I …

AICF Easter 2012

Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012 In March, 2012, I was asked to create Vision Banners for AICF in 2012 to express their goals for the year. At the same time, I was anticipating creating a very colorful bulletin for the Easter service. We decided to do the two of them at the same time, so …

Antioch International Christian Family Logo

Logo Design Evolution I’ve been working on AICF designs since as early as January 2008. The image below shows the evolution of the AICF logo from its early stages to what is in use today (2014). I intend to update this page continually if and when later modifications to the logo take place. 2007 – …


Visit AICFChurch.org → I’ve been working on our church website since 2008 when I first started getting deeper into web development and graphic design. So, the site has gone through a number of different renditions over the years including: WordPress (2011~present) Current version (2013~) Version 2012 web archive Joomla! (2009-2011) PPT Introduction Archived home page …

AICF Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 Banner Design I was inspired to create new banners for AICF for Christmas since the old Easter vision banners were still up. In the Gallery above, you can see my entire design process for creating the AICF Christmas banners. Initial design: Adobe Illustrator Materials used: Felt Time required: ~16 hours Main font: Cochin …

AICF Posters

In 2012, as the church was attempting to invite and welcome new people, the lead pastor at AICF asked me to create some posters that could be placed in church members’ businesses around town and included the worship time, location, and a map to the church. I created two designs and we printed the second: …

AICF Evangelism Cards

In late 2011, as a push toward 2012 when I really started getting more involved with the majority of the design work at AICF, the lead pastor asked me to create some evangelism (contact) cards with the following specifications:

  1. Black and white – a church deacon was able to get very cheap printing in black and white
  2. The church logo
  3. Member contact info
  4. A map to church, the address, and time of worship service
  5. Matthew 11:28

I came up with a handful of designs and we settled on the one with a black header (shown above).

Design round 1
Design round 1

AICF Malaysia Mission Flyers

AICF Summer Mission Trip 2011 A representative from AICF asked me to design some flyers to help promote an upcoming summer mission trip to Malaysia in 2011. The designs included: An A4 poster An A4 prayer requests page Postcard-sized mission cards (with prayer requests) to hand out to people in the church Design Notes: I …

AICF T-shirts

2009 Numbers of Hope Shirt In 2009, one of the AICF pastors asked me to make some t-shirt designs to get printed to sell to church members and at the bi-annual church bazaar to help raise money for missions. He gave me a breakdown of what he wanted and I got to work: Front: The …