AICF Malaysia Mission Flyers

AICF Summer Mission Trip 2011

A representative from AICF asked me to design some flyers to help promote an upcoming summer mission trip to Malaysia in 2011. The designs included:

  1. An A4 poster
  2. An A4 prayer requests page
  3. Postcard-sized mission cards (with prayer requests) to hand out to people in the church

Design Notes:

  1. I chose a bright pink color to make the trip look exciting – to promote mission trips in general and get more people interested in the next one.
  2. I tried to contrast the richness of Malaysia (the top two images) with the poverty of the Myanmar refugees they’d be helping (the bottom two images).
  3. I used Malaysia’s “official” tourism font/logo to create a matching one for Myanmar


A4 Prayer Requests


Postcard Design


Final Printed Designs