2013 Christmas Sermon Art: Good News of Great Joy

You’ll notice some Chinese text on some of these designs. That’s because there is a combined service with the English and Chinese fellowships every Christmas and Easter.

PPT Designs

Corresponding Bulletin Design:

2013 Christmas Bulletin


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  1. Aaron. My name is Michael Wakefield and I pastor North Laurel Baptist Church in Valdese N.C. Each year as part of a Christmas outreach we hand out free helium balloons at the annual Christmas parade. We imprint high quality balloons (1400) with a Gospel witness and imprint any copy-write credits on the balloon. We are interested in using your Christmas design Good News/Great Joy on this years balloon. Would you give permission for us to use your art, providing we include your contact info on the balloon?
    Michael Wakefield,

    1. Yes, I’d be happy to let you use the design on your balloons. You can just print my website address on the balloon if you want.

      Please let me know if you require a PDF or Adobe Illustrator file to assist with the printing.

  2. Hello, Aaron! Just love the Good News of Great Joy piece! I’m working on our church’s annual Advent Workshop event and this is our theme! We enjoy fellowship, eat a nice lunch, and make things like Advent wreaths and ornaments to help us focus on Christ in our homes during the season. I’d love to use this piece on our flyer and signage. Is that possible with your website or name attached? Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Sure thing. Glad you like it. Would definitely appreciate a mention of some kind – with my website or name, etc. Thanks!

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