One Accord 2013: Freedom

Date & Venue:

Saturday, November 9, 2013 @ 7pm

Paul Church, New building (Wedding Hall) 2nd floor


Click any church name for more information about that church.

  1. Paul Church
  2. Antioch Church
  3. Iri Youngrak Church (Iksan)
  4. Sujeong Church
  5. Jungbu Church

Theme “Freedom”:



I talked with Justin Bell (from Sujeong Church) a bit and decided a good theme for this year is FREEDOM. I’ve personally been studying Exodus recently and how God freed the Israelites from captivity as a PREVIEW for how Jesus sets everyone (who believes) free from sin and death.

Thus, the poster design shows:

  1. The Red Sea (and slavery) behind
  2. Hands uplifted in praise
  3. Broken chains

T-shirt designs:

Final cost: 5,500 won. Click any image to see it at a larger size.

We decided to go with a single color for all church t-shirts – blue. But in order to accommodate everyone, there are two blues: “sora” (light blue) and navy. Different colored shirts are nice, but they keep us “segregated” in some ways as well.

The main reason we went with different colors last year was because we wanted to express the diversity of the church and express that with the colors of fall leaves. This year, we want to express our unity with the color blue.

Below are the original multi-colored designs for this year.

black khaki green yeondu orange wine water sora

90 (S) 10
95 (M) 10
100 (L) 12
105 (XL) 4
110 (2XL) 3
115 (3XL)
90 (S) 3
95 (M) 6
100 (L) 2
105 (XL)
110 (2XL)
115 (3XL)
90 (S) 3/1
95 (M) 5/3
100 (L) 4/2
105 (XL) 4/2
110 (2XL)
115 (3XL) 4/0
90 (S) 4
95 (M) 7
100 (L) 14
105 (XL) 4
110 (2XL) 2
115 (3XL)
90 (S) 2
95 (M) 2
100 (L) 3
105 (XL) 3
110 (2XL)
115 (3XL)

Final Choice


Evangelism Flyer:

Justin Bell and his wife (Sujeong Church) asked me if it would be possible to create some kind of hand-outs to distribute before the event in order to help invite people.

He gave me a few examples of evangelism flyers, but in order to stick with the theme of the event (Freedom), I researched, wrote, and designed the following flyer for the event.

oa-3-tract-outside oa-3-tract-inside

Click here to download a PDF of the flyer. (Dimensions 22cm wide x 14.8cm tall)


one-accord-3-intro-ppt oa-3-ppt-title oa-3-ppt-lyrics

oa-3-paul-intermission oa-3-antioch-intermission oa-3-youngrak-intermission oa-3-intermission oa-3-sujeong-intermission oa-3-jungbu-intermission

Click here for full 214-slide PPT from the event.

PowerPoint design notes: After a few trials with an all orange PPT background (see “Salvation is Here” image above), I realized that the slideshow would be more effective if the song titles were on an orange background that then transitioned with an upward PUSH to the next slide (the lyrics all in blue). This gives the appearance of the camera panning down from sky to sea with hands upraised.

(Check out the transitions in the downloadable PPT above.)

Event Costs:

The following are actual event costs for 2013.

Costs FOR 2013
Tshirts (short-sleeve) 5,500 won
Tshirts (long-sleeve) 7,000 won
Posters & banners 480,000 won

Poster costs divided by 5 churches:   96,000 won

Equipment/set-up & site view:



Paul venue

1382860313820 1382860309504 1382860317175 1382860312171 1382860315486

Program and Event Notes:

One Accord 3 ProgramEquipment borrowed: 1 keyboard from Antioch, 1 keyboard from Sujeong, bass and electric amps from Youngrak, 2 banner stands from Antioch.

Poster/banner notes: The banner size (60cm x 180cm) was effective for the small space. Posters had a noticeably smaller distribution than previous years (we also ordered less).

T-shirts: Lists submitted on Wednesday of the preceding week, order in by Thursday, printing (and payment) on Friday. Delivery of the shirts was Thursday of that week. (Note: add phone number to address for delivery notification.)

Event focus: Seems to be primarily music (which is not a bad thing), but perhaps more could be done in terms of unity between the congregations and evangelism (if the goal is to reach non-Christians) or building up (if the goal is primarily church-goers).

Event planning: Sent an initial email on July 29 to little response – probably sent a little too early before everyone returned from summer break. Communication for this event was primarily by KakaoTalk – email was ineffective. No face-to-face meeting took place, and things were still pressed to the end.

Click to download the Program (Song List) – pictured at right.

Facebook Event:


YouTube Playlist:

Event Order:

1. Paul

2 Cor 3:17 “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!”

  1. Salvation is Here
  2. Arms of Love
  3. Jesus Loves Me (banjo)
  4. Stronger
  5. Here I Am to Worship
2. Antioch Church

Exodus 15:1 “I will sing to the Lord for he has Triumphed Gloriously!”

  1. Your Great Name
  2. Jesus Messiah
  3. Our God
  4. Freedom
  5. 10,000 Reasons
3. YoungRak

Rev 1:5 “To Him who loves us and has FREED us from our sins by His blood.”

  1. For All You’ve Done
  2. I am Free (Katinas)
  3. With All I Am
  4. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
« Intermission »
4. Sujeong

Gal 5:1 “It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us FREE.”

  1. Our God Saves
  2. Overcome
  3. Agnus Dei
  4. Break Every Chain
5. Jungbu

John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you FREE, you will be free INDEED.”

  1. Everyday
  2. Your Name
  3. Through It All
  4. Jesus You Are
  5. Victory in Jesus
    (All together)