I Am Thou Art Digital Art

I Am Thou Art was a concept for digital art that I came up with in 2010 to both increase my skills and ability in Photoshop and Illustrator and to also create some meaningful Christian art. I was inspired primarily by:

  1. Jim Lepage’s Word Designs
  2. And the Mars Hill Church sermon art

And while I’d seen multiple designs for whole books of the Bible, and a few inspirational or motivational verses “designed” (with a flowery or sunset background), I’d never really seen many quality designs focusing on a single subject, single verse, or single chapter. So, I decided to create some of my own.

At one time, I’d hoped to be able to later become employed full-time by a large church in the US (after I returned from my stint in South Korea) making designs like this for their sermons and promotional campaigns.



This was the final piece of art I created for IAMThouArt.com and I didn’t ever get around to writing up a post about it. I’d usually enjoyed writing 1,000-2,000 words with multiple cross-references to verses and sermons, but I got to busy to do so here.

The post WAS going to be something along the lines of “miracles are anomalies and not impossibilities – rather, they are rarities that break or bend the TYPICAL Laws of Physics.”


After my wife gave birth to our son Isaac, she suffered from postpartum thyroidosis (and possibly adrenal fatigue) which sent her body into all kinds of crazy cycles including insomnia, weight loss, hot flashes, and dark depression for months. I created this series above as visuals to post on our refrigerator to remind us to:

  1. Keep hope
  2. Have faith
  3. Take courage
  4. Remember that God is working in all circumstances

Atheism Series

I created this series for fun by basing the designs on some of the most popular atheist books by Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins including:

  1. The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins) vs. 2 Thessalonians 2:10b-12
  2. The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins) vs. Romans 1:19-22
  3. God is not Great (Christopher Hitchens) vs. Psalm 14:1

Each poster uses the SAME font and font treatment as the covers of the original books as well as some design elements. They all also include a relevant Bible verse that explains the title. This was a very fun series to create as it allowed me to read and study some of these atheist writers for a while.

Infographic Style

This is my own personal style of wallpaper/infographic.

Easter Series

In the build up to Easter in 2012, I created this series of designs to go allow with a series of blog posts I’d written previously.

  1. Passion Week (Good Friday, Last Supper, Crucifixion, Resurrection)
  2. 4 R’s of Rebirth (Resuscitation, Revivification, Reincarnation, Resurrection)
  3. Easter: The Greatest Celebration on Earth
  4. Happy “RE”-Birthday, Jesus (Resurrection Day)
  5. Isaiah, the 5th Gospel prophesied Christ’s crucifixion in vivid detail 700 years earlier

Holiday Series

  1. Halloween Day is also Reformation Day when Martin Luther hammered his 99 Theses on a church door.
  2. The parcel image is based on a Christmas sermon by our pastor called “Return to Sender.”
  3. The document is the “Declaration of Dependence” (mirrored from the US Declaration of Independence) and includes text from 1 Corinthians 1, 2 Corinthians 12, and Steven Curtis Chapman’s song lyrics with the same title.

Putting on Airs

At one point we were reading in Matthew about the Pharisees who enjoyed “looking” holy and awesome and really weren’t. Plenty of that going on these days as well, so I created some designs based on some of the verses we read. For inspiration, I referenced:

  1. Pimp My Ride (Pimp My Phylacteries = Matthew 23:5-7)
  2. Trick My Truck (Trick My Tomb = Matthew 23:27)

Personal Struggles

This series of art were for things that I was personally dealing with or seeing regularly online at the time. It includes:

  1. Transforming your mind (and therefore life) by renewing it with positive things (like reading the Bible)
  2. A friend of mine seemed dangerously ambitious about something he was trying to accomplish that I was sure would blow up in his face. It hasn’t yet
  3. Lusty eyes lead to trouble – especially in relationships
  4. The “Wall of Shame” shows that no one from any walk of life is immune to sexual temptation and scandal
  5. Buddhism is a big thing in Korea, so I merged the Buddha with “the unknown god” that Paul witnessed in Athens (Acts 17:24-29)
  6. The love of (and focus on) money leads to all kinds of troubles
  7. Sometimes my love for my hobbies (computer) leads to trouble
  8. God vs. Money “A man cannot serve two masters…”

Taming the Tongue T-shirt

Two designs, front and back. This was quite fun to create using some vector images I came up with and referencing James 3:3-6. I’ve always enjoyed how this passage is so visual – including 4 BIG things that are controlled or harmed by something incredibly SMALL.

All Scripture Website Header


In 2013, my brother told me he wanted to read the whole Bible cover-to-cover before his 30th birthday. So, I put together a reading plan to get us there and created a website where we could go to write a thought about what we read each day. The result was www.allscripture.net and the above image was the header I created for the site.

Visit the Web Archive of AllScripture.net →

AICF Sermon Art


Eventually, after a while I turned my efforts to creating sermon art for the series preached by the pastors at church.

Click here to see the rest of the AICF sermon art →

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