Sujeong English Service Business Cards

Design Brief

After noticing my work on the One Accord designs, the Sujeong church pastor contacted me about creating some business cards for his church.

Initial contact email:

Aaron, wanted to ask if you could design some cards for the church and the ministry. The idea I had and wanted was something simple but modern. I have the link below that kind of shows what I would like.

  1. The Butterfly is good but if you have something different that exhibits that different nations around the world would be nice like a Globe or a Man Praying with the Globe in his hand that would be awesome. Also, where you see the different butterflies on the side of the Big butterfly I would want our church theme- Loving people, Touching nations, Building Relationships.
  2. The second thing is all the info I would like on the Front of the card which I will forward and subject it “Front Side”.
  3. The Third thing is what I would like on the Back which of course the a map with the church address and phone number and I will forward as well and subject it “Back Side”.

Thanks again let me know if you need anything else.


Design requirements:

  1. Simple but modern
  2. Representing nations around the world
  3. Symbols: globe, praying hands
  4. Theme: Loving people, Touching nations, Building relationships
  5. Church info on front
  6. Map and address on back

He also sent me a sample of something one of his staff members had created in order to get some more idea of the kind of thing he was looking for:

Design + Response

Download Sujeong cards v1 PDF

The globe on the card has praying hands as the multi-colored objects within it and the map “S” road is the same “S” in “Sujeong. (The “S” road is also the literal shape of that road if you search it on Naver maps.)

I usually like to do a fairly geographically accurate (though graphically interesting) map, so I thought the “S” curve of the road and the shape of that letter were a perfect fit.

Version 2 (Bended Knees)

A while after the first printing of the pink cards, the pastor asked me to also help him print some t-shirts and create additional card designs with another of his logos: Bended Knees United.

  1. Sujeong church + Bended Knees United cards (below)
  2. Bended Knees United cards (click)
  3. Bended Knees United shirts (click)
Download Sujeong cards v2 PDF


Here’s a computer wallpaper with the design I also created for him:


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