AICF Posters

In 2012, as the church was attempting to invite and welcome new people, the lead pastor at AICF asked me to create some posters that could be placed in church members’ businesses around town and included the worship time, location, and a map to the church. I created two designs and we printed the second:

I’ve always enjoyed a kind of “Vintage Jesus” look, so I thought the second poster looked great. But later I was told by another member that it looked a little like something a cult in Korea would put up and that’s why more people didn’t take posters.

Anyway, I wanted to do a very UNIQUE treatment for the map, so that (as well as the poster title, “Come, Follow Him”) is what I’m most proud of.

  1. I used Google Earth
  2. Zoomed in to the city street where the church is located
  3. And rotated the map slightly in 3D to give it a kind of “aerial viewpoint”

aicf-ad-map1 aicf-ad-map2

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