Jeonbuk Life v.15 – Summer 2019

I started working with the Jeollabuk-do Center for International Affairs (JBCIA) in March 2018 to produce a quarterly English-language magazine featuring stories, culture, and tourism from the province. Read more about my redesign process in the first post of this series.

The full design is available below to view online. If you would like to pick up a (free) printed copy, you can visit the JBCIA office at:

전라북도 전주시 완산구 홍산로 276 (효자동3가 1525-2)

Summer 2019 v.15


  • World Boyscout Jamboree p. 5
  • Jeonbuk News p. 6-7
  • Do you know Hangeulish? p. 8-10
  • Honeycomb of University Life: Daedong Festival p. 11-15
  • Outside of the City: Rural Experience p. 16-19
  • The Great Outdoors p. 20-
    • The Freedom of the Outdoors p. 22-25
    • Pearls of Summer p. 26-29
    • 2019 Opening Dates of Korea’s Major Beaches p. 30
    • Where Past Meets Present p. 31-33
    • Cycling in Korea p. 34-41
  • A Balancing Act (Awon Cafe) p. 42-45
  • Lofty Destinations p. 46-53
    • Mother Cafe in Wanju p. 48-49
    • Cafe Soyang in Wanju p. 50-51
    • Secret Garden Cafe in Imsil p. 52-53
  • The Gift of Guanajuato (Mexican food) p. 54-57
  • Sure to Rise (Bakery) p. 58-60
  • Jeolla Dialect (V1-(으)음서 V2) p. 61
  • Photography p. 62-63

Stories I wrote

  • Cycling in Korea p. 34-41

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