Graphic Design Portfolio

As an English teacher at Jeonju University since 2010, I’ve had numerous opportunities to design various posters and banners for the English Cafe that our department is in charge of. Most notably, I worked on:

  1. Halloween party posters
  2. Christmas party posters
  3. English speech contest posters
  4. Opening party posters
  5. Global Lounge (rebranded) banners
  6. A new Writing textbook series (Practical English Writing 1/2)

Practical English Reading 1

After the experience of publishing the Practical English Writing series in 2016, the team decided to create a Reading book as well. In July 2016, they sent me the file they’d put together and asked me to design the book for the upcoming semester (beginning in September). The Practical English Reading book was much longer …

Practical English Writing 2

This is the second book in the Practical English Writing series that a team of teachers at Jeonju University had published specifically for use in our own classrooms. We got in touch with a publisher in January 2016, and had the books on the shelves by late February. As with Practical English Writing 1, I …

Practical English Writing 1

While working a winter English camp at Jeonju University in February 2016, one of my co-workers let me know that they were getting ready to publish a new English writing textbook for use in the JJU English Writing classes. He and his co-authors had already written and printed a simple “first edition” and were using …

Buyeo / Gongju Travel Brochures

These are supplementary resources designed specifically for use in Practical English Writing 1. In that book, I had a section that needed some travel brochures redesigned because the original material was copyrighted and not suitable for publication within the new book design. Fortunately, I have traveled around Korea quite a bit and have taken a …


I built this website in about 3 hours one morning before work (from 4:30 – 7:30am). It is a landing page for the Practical English Writing book series and was created to gather emails or questions people had about the book as the authors went around to schools and conferences promoting it. There are multiple …

Lost Island Map

This is a supplementary resource designed for use in Practical English Writing 2. It is one of the first things I worked on for the book (because it was loads of fun thanks to the great illustration!). Practical English Writing 1 takes students from their homes in Korea on a trip to the US (it includes …

JJU Global Lounge Banner

One of my coworkers asked if I could help “rebrand” Jeonju University’s Global Lounge (formerly the English Cafe). The previous banner had absolutely no University branding whatsoever and was just filled with what looked like a Tag Cloud of (English Cafe related) English words. I started browsing the Internet for some inspiration and found the …

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