Practical English Writing 1

While working a winter English camp at Jeonju University in February 2016, one of my co-workers let me know that they were getting ready to publish a new English writing textbook for use in the JJU English Writing classes. He and his co-authors had already written and printed a simple “first edition” and were using it in their classes, but now they were looking for a publisher to print the books professionally and sell them nationally throughout Korea.

Initially, he just asked me for some feedback on the Microsoft Word design they had created and were hoping to take around to some publishers. I offered to help by making a full PDF of the book in Adobe InDesign.

I did the following work in one week – every morning from 4/5am – 8am before heading off to teach the winter English camp.

Book Sample


Book Information

  • 110 pages 91 pages
    • 62 content pages (35 activity pages)
    • 20 resource pages (7 activity pages / 11 note pages)
    • 12 sample answer pages
  • 4 sections
    • 1: Parts of Speech
    • 2: Sentence Formation
    • 3: Forms & Letters
    • 4: Resources
  • 3 sample tests
  • 5 authors (6 total including the designer, me)
  • 17 Creative Commons ZERO images (credited on p. 84-85)

Version 2 Updates

In 2018, we updated the book to correct some errors, expand on some sections, and add a section that included Sample Answers. Version 2 was expanded to 110 pages (including updates + 12 pages for Sample Answers).


The book was printed by a Korean publisher called Wisdom. We received it on February 26, 2016 and began teaching it the following week.

It sure was cool to walk into the University bookstore and see literally hundreds of the book I designed printed and stacked up on top of each other waiting for students to buy it!

I also created a website for the book here →


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