Practical English Reading 1

After the experience of publishing the Practical English Writing series in 2016, the team decided to create a Reading book as well. In July 2016, they sent me the file they’d put together and asked me to design the book for the upcoming semester (beginning in September).

The Practical English Reading book was much longer than the Writing book. There were initially a total of 12 chapters, with 10 pages each. But after teaching it for one semester, the team decided there was too much content, so the book should be split into two parts.

The images below show both versions of the book I designed. On the left, I’ve shown Version 1, with the 12 chapter Table of Contents and a sample of one of the chapters. On the right is Version 2 with the same samples.


Version 1

  • 12 chapters
  • 160 pages
  • 2 appendices

Version 2

  • 7 chapters
  • 88 pages
  • 3 (shorter) appendices

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