Practical English Writing 2

This is the second book in the Practical English Writing series that a team of teachers at Jeonju University had published specifically for use in our own classrooms. We got in touch with a publisher in January 2016, and had the books on the shelves by late February.

As with Practical English Writing 1, I designed this book in one week from 4/5am – 8am every morning before heading in to the university to teach a winter English camp.

Book Sample

cover-spread sample1 sample2 sample3 sample5 sample6sample-authors

Book Information

  • 92 pages
    • 56 content pages (35 activity pages)
    • 28 resource pages (4 practice test pages / 8 extra outline pages / 10 note pages)
  • 5 sections
    • 1: Review
    • 2: Punctuation
    • 3: Sentence Types
    • 4: Paragraphs
    • 5: Resources
  • 2 sample tests
  • 2 extra paragraph outlines
  • 5 authors (6 total including the designer, me)
  • 12 Creative Commons ZERO images (credited on p. 84)


Book 2 is also printed by a Korean publisher called Wisdom (as is Book 1). We asked for some sample copies for the summer to show around at other schools, universities, and conferences and received 20 sample copies on May 23, 2016. The rest will be printed and on bookstore shelves by August for the second semester of teaching.

Check out the website for the book here →


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