Graphic Design Portfolio

In 2012, one of my good friends opened a coffee shop / study cafe in town. Originally, he had the graphic design company on the third floor of his building design their logos, banners, and flyers. But, after seeing my work with AICF designs, he started to have me create poster designs for large cafe events. In 2016, he asked me to completely rebrand the cafe with 2 new logos, and all new club posters.

Winning Story Map

After seeing the work I did on the Lodem Heal map, the owner of Winning Story asked me to do a similar design for the new location of his cafe.


Indian Coffee Seminar Poster

I created another coffee seminar poster featuring India and Indian coffee for Winning Story in May 2016. As I was walking around campus (I teach English full-time at Jeonju University) one day, I came across the following poster that I used for inspiration to create the new one: Elements I used in the poster include: …

Winning Story A4 Flyer Templates

Along with the logo rebrand, the owner of Winning Story asked me to help come up with some new A4 flyer templates that they could use and modify as PDFs for various events and study groups in the cafe. At its peak, there were almost 20 regular study groups including: Baking study Coffee study English coffee …

Ethiopian Coffee Seminar Poster

The Winning Story cafe owner asked me to make a poster for an Ethiopian Coffee Seminar in March 2016. He wanted:

  1. A background picture of coffee beans/berries/and hands
  2. The Ethiopian flag
  3. Sponsor logos
  4. The information he provided

The following images are the sample he sent me to model it after and the first copy of the poster design I sent him (he asked me to increase the size of the font, the Ethiopian flag, and the Coffee Factory logo in the final design pictured above):


Here is a picture of the printed image (A3) next to the Indian Coffee Seminar poster I also designed.


Winning Story Posters

These posters do not promote Winning Story Cafe themselves, but were created to be put up in the cafe to promote various events happening in the cafe.

  1. Language Exchange Party (above)
  2. WordPress Meetup (only English)
  3. WordPress Meetup (English/Korean)