Winning Story A4 Flyer Templates

Along with the logo rebrand, the owner of Winning Story asked me to help come up with some new A4 flyer templates that they could use and modify as PDFs for various events and study groups in the cafe. At its peak, there were almost 20 regular study groups including:

  1. Baking study
  2. Coffee study
  3. English coffee class
  4. Latte art
  5. Roasting study
  6. Dutch coffee study
  7. Tea study
  8. English news articles
  9. Book club in Korean and in English
  10. Learning Chinese
  11. Learning German
  12. Learning Korean
  13. Language Party
  14. People Inside
  15. Play the Guitar
  16. Ukelele study
  17. Preparing to be a flight attendant
  18. TED talks
  19. Art club
  20. Society Debate

Although I started work on this, I was unable to finish it before the Cafe changed locations and many of the study groups ended. Those designs that I did complete can be seen below.


This is the initial sketch I made to brainstorm a generic Winning Story promotional template:


The Gallery below shows the design iteration of one of the flyers. My initial templates all included the Winning Story logo, but we decided to remove that on flyers that were not directly sponsored by the cafe.


The Gallery below shows the full extent of the templates I worked on. (You can see that many of them share the same text – therefore, these are just templates.) Two key things to note are:

  1. All Winning Story sponsored groups include the logo (others do not)
  2. I tried to classify these by banner:
    1. Non-Winning Story = medium coffee brown
    2. Coffee groups = light coffee brown
    3. Learning groups = coffee yellow
    4. Language/Art/Tea = light coffee green

All images are Creative Commons 0 images and I edited them in Photoshop to be grayscale images with only one focal point in full color.

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