Jeonju House of Prayer Logo

Initial Concept

Shortly after Sujeong Church decided to not use the Bended Knees United brand and business cards, the pastor contacted me with a new idea for JHOP: Jeonju House of Prayer.

The Scripture: Isaiah 56:7 – “These I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Here are some ideas: I like the 2nd picture mixed with the 4th picture being used as a flame, with a modern clean globe in the middle with Jeonju House of Prayer. So let me know your thoughts.

Design Brief

I was quite busy at the time, so he took a while to step back and solidify his idea.

Aaron I have a concept and design finally that I would like you to help with for the logo for the House Of Prayer. My friend sent me some graphics he worked on and I want to collaborate with what he’s given me.

  1. I would like to have the Hand of of God holding the house of Prayer in the middle. I have a picture of an example I want. The hand is positioned exactly how I would like it in the example.
  2. I would like to have the House of Prayer inside the hand. Signifying the House Of Prayer is being held only by the Grace of God which is God’s hand.
  3. Inside the House of Prayer I would like the name or concept my friend worked on for me.
  4. And for the colors I would like Black/white/orange.

Tell me your thoughts or if this is possible.

Design Requirements

  1. Hand of God holding the
  2. House of Prayer
  3. JHOP: Jeonju House of Prayer
  4. Colors: Black / white / orange

Initial Samples

Concept 1



Here you go. Is this what you were looking for? I was going to caution against black-white-orange as a color scheme because with the wrong shade of orange, it might look slightly Halloween-y. But with the more red-orange shade you selected in the wrists picture, and as long as you don’t use all three – orange, white, and black – together at the same time, I think it’s a good choice.

I understand the orange is for fire, right?

Concept 2



Second concept. I used a more simplified hand similar to one I found online:

Makes the hand look a little bit like a dove (Holy Spirit) – thought you might like it. And I think it’s better than having a cut-off square wrist.

Concept 3


Final Designs

For the final designs that were actually printed, we:

  1. Added a box around the logo
  2. Highlighted the flame in orange to make it stand out
  3. Added a tagline: Prayer | Missions | Justice

All in all, we both agreed that this is a pretty striking design.

Samples of the logo in use are pictured below:

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