Duet English Civil War Summer Camp Pages

For their summer English camp in 2016, the owner of Duet English academy in Jeonju asked me if I’d help him make some activity papers based on Marvel (and DC) super heroes and Captain America Civil War. I was happy to help.

One of the reasons I like working with Leon (owner of Duet) is because he usually brings a lot of great ideas with him when he shows me what he wants. For this project, he sketched out all his ideas on 3 separate pages of A4 paper to show me the layout and design he wanted to create. I offered a few suggestions to improve upon his ideas, but he presented me with a very clear, rock solid description of what he wanted – so the designing was that much easier.

He’d also already gathered a good number of images into a folder for me on a USB that he encouraged me to use. I did so, but also replaced some of the more complex images with simpler icons (due to the size restrictions on the paper).

Leon’s initial sketches

Leon told me the game was going to be played by

  1. Completing tasks in English,
  2. Then gaining powerups by traversing the game boards (I would make),
  3. And finally playing an Avengers vs. Xmen card game he had

He wanted the logo to match the Avengers vs. Xmen logo if possible as well as to incorporate the Captain America: Civil War look. So, the logo was the first thing I made.


Read more about the logo design here.

Design Brief

Create THREE A4 printable PDFs:

  1. A Missions page – that would be editable so he could fill in 100 missions (20 per page for 5 pages)
  2. A Powerups page – that included all the logos on the gameboard and space to write in powerups as students achieved them
  3. The Game board itself according to the following specifications:
    1. Use 100 circles across the page. 5 empty circles, then one with a logo and “powerup” Try to space them out so that they aren’t evenly lined up down the page – i.e. maybe put 5 blank, 1 logo, 4 blank on the first line, then 1 blank, 1 logo, 5 blank, 1 logo, 2 blank on the second line, and so on.
    2. Every 6th circle should be a logo (20 logos), so 100 circles + 20 logos = 120 spaces
    3. Circles need to be big enough to write a number in
    4. Heading (logo) is a mashup of either our logo plus Civil War or our name plus Civil War (the game is Leon vs. Noel – the husband/wife owners of the school)
    5. Can the backdrop of the paper be a guy pulling open his coat to reveal a bright t-shirt underneath (like how Clark Kent becomes Superman)?



Below you can see the three designs I made for him according to the guidelines. Notice the game board DOES have the picture he wanted as a backdrop, but it’s at a low opacity so as not to overpower the icons and spaces on the board.

I also used 21 logos (rather than 20) as the hexagonal / honeycomb design pattern I chose to create has good space for 21. So, I added Cyclops to his original choices.


The purple spaces on the pages above are editable in Adobe Acrobat so that he could type in the English and Korean directions later.

The following images were my design inspiration for the logos and the Powerups page.



Compiling the printable files

After designing everything and sending it to Leon to take care of and add the missions to, he sent the completed files back to me to compile into a single printable PDF. Check a sample from the PDF below.


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  1. Aaron,

    Thanks again for this. The design was flawless, and most importantly, the students love it. They look at all the extra work as a game they want to complete, not burdensome homework. This idea would have never worked without your genius.

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