One Accord 2011: Unity

Date & Venue:

Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 7pm

Jungbu Church in Gaeksa (near Ashley’s)


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  1. Jungbu Church
  2. Paul Church
  3. Wansan Church
  4. Antioch Church

Theme “Unity”:



Planning for this FIRST One Accord event began in August 2011, with me being added to the communications on August 30th. The following is from the initial email communication with Paul Church:

It appears as though the major players in our praise team have returned from abroad, but will only be here for the fall. The iron is hot, so let’s strike. If we could get the three (4?) English praise teams together for a night of triune tunage, it would be a really nice event.

Here is what we have discussed so far:

All praise music! No spoken word beyond intermittent Bible texts, gems, food for thought, never to exceed 1 continuous minute of speech. If you gotta say it – sing it. 5-10 songs from each praise team accompanied  with .ppt lyrics and images.

It was also during this email correspondence that we agreed upon “One Accord” as the name. The following is a list of other possibilities:

  1. Collective Souls
  2. Triune Praise
  3. Joyful Jams
  4. One Accord
  5. Eccumelody
  6. All Jeonju Worship

The idea for this event originated with a shared friendship between the (then) leaders of Paul Church, Antioch Church, and Jungbu Church and their hope to unite the English ministries to get to know and encourage other Christians in Jeonju.

The poster emphasizes:

  • Jesus (crossed drumsticks)
  • Music
  • Unity (various instruments in unity)

T-shirt designs:

One Accord original t-shirts

90 (S) 1
95 (M) 4
100 (L) 2
105 (XL) 1
110 (2XL) 1
115 (3XL) 2
90 (S) 2
95 (M) 3
100 (L) 5
105 (XL) 2
110 (2XL) 1
115 (3XL)
90 (S) 5
95 (M)
100 (L) 4
105 (XL)
110 (2XL)
115 (3XL) 3
90 (S) 5
95 (M) 4
100 (L) 5
105 (XL) 3
110 (2XL) 1
115 (3XL) 1

Final Choice


Final cost: 6,000 won.

Initially, we agreed on getting t-shirts printed for promotional purposes. The following is a portion of my email regarding this:

Our church enjoys printing T-shirts, and it might be fun to get some for this event for promotional purposes, or whatnot else. I’d be more than happy to create some with the logo and information we decide on. If we were to do so, it would probably be a good idea to at least get them printed by the beginning of October.

I can create T-shirts in black-and-white. Two-color, three-color, or multi-color, etc. (B&W is cheapest obviously, but two-color is comparatively cheap as well).

The colors on the shirts were chosen based on colors within the design for the One Accord logo. I spent a good month working up the logo and a brand book before diving into the event designs.

One Accord horizontal logo


The English pastor at Jungbu church asked me about the possibility of printing up banners that would go over the front and back entrances of the church parking lot. I thought that was a great idea, so these are the two I created.

One Accord - 6m banner One Accord - 7m banner

One Accord banner

Banner measurements are:

  • Front entrance: 7m x 90cm
  • Back entrance: 6m x 90cm


One Accord flyers

We also decided to make flyers this year to distribute to people in our churches and on the street to advertise. I drew a simple map to include on the flyers in order to help people unfamiliar with the area find Jungbu Church.

The flyers were designed to print 3 per A4 page. This made it easy to print our own black-and-white copies after the color copies were gone. However, in order to fit the paper sizes available at the printers, the image was stretched horizontally to about 90% width.





Click here for full 422-slide PPT from the event.

PowerPoint design notes: I used a pre-made PowerPoint template for this design called Horizon. I also added a faint One Accord logo to the bottom of every slide (this is the only year I’ve done it on EVERY slide – I was proud of my recent hard work). This was the first year I also thought about posting up contact and service time info for each church on their “transition” slide as they set up for their set.


I designed and built this website quickly on October 8, 2011. I modified it for two additional events:

  1. 2011 Christmas Caroling
  2. 2012 Orphanage Outreach

This is the final version of the website before I took it down a year later. Originally, I’d hoped to be able to maintain the website and continually update it with more One Accord events, but interest in One Accord beyond an “annual worship night” declined quickly.

One Accord website

Event Costs:

The following are event costs for 2011.

Costs for 2011
Tshirts 6,000 won each
Refreshments 200,000 won
Posters & banners 560,000 won

Refreshment/poster costs divided by 4 churches:   190,000 won

2011 is the only year I created invoices for all the churches. This was partially because:

  • Some of the leaders requested an invoice for record-keeping purposes
  • I wanted to estimate the total cost and time I put in on the designs

The following is a list of the work I did and time estimates for everything:

Design (@ W 25,000 / hour x 56 hours)
One Accord logo 4 weeks; 20 hours
Brand book 10 hours
Posters (3 initial designs + 1 final design) 6 hours
Banners 2 hours
Flyers + map design 3 hours
T-shirts 1 hour
Bulletins 1 hour
PowerPoint 6 hours
Intermission Video 1 hour
Website design, code, social media 6 hours

Design rate divided by 4 churches:   350,000 won

Equipment/set-up & site view:


Program and Event Notes:

One Accord program
Program design: The program was intended to be easily and effectively printed on A4 paper. This meant it should be all in black-and-white (for ease of copying at church) and require no cutting (so should be front-and-back of a single A4 paper).

I also wanted to include church addresses, service info, and contact information on the back for each church to help people find those churches if they wanted.

Click to download the Program.

Event Organization: Overall, this year was one of the most effective years for communication because everyone was excited about the event and it didn’t feel so much like an after-thought. We communicated well through email, often within a day or two, and had a full “organizer’s meeting” a few weeks before the event to finalize all the details.

The Event: At the opening of the event, we had a time to that was dedicated to describing WHAT “One Accord” means and WHY we wanted to get together like this. I think that was very effective in helping to define the purpose for the event and not lose focus. It helped unite the four churches more effectively for fellowship and we didn’t break into our own “tribes” quite as much.

I personally felt like more could have (and should have) been done on the INTERIOR of the sanctuary to help brand the event. That’s why in 2012, we created a LARGE banner for the sanctuary interior and in 2013, we created TWO smaller banners for the smaller interior at Paul Church. I still feel that interior branding is just as important as t-shirts and posters, if not more so. The PPT was the only real “branding” on the interior for 2011’s event.

Facebook Event:


YouTube Playlist:

Event Order:

1. Jungbu Church
  1. Happy Day
  2. Beautiful One
  3. Your Love Never Fails
  4. Blessed Be Your Name
  5. Rescue
  6. Hear Us From Heaven
2. Paul Church
  1. One Way
  2. Because of Who You Are
  3. Mighty To Save
  4. Who Am I?
  5. The Happy Song
« Intermission »
3. Wansan Church
  1. Hosanna
  2. Only a God Like You
  3. All To You
  4. Blessed
  5. Your Name
  6. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
4. Antioch Church
  1. Here I Am to Worship
  2. Here I Am Again
  3. Sweeter
  4. How Great is Our God
  5. God of This City