One Accord 2012: Harvest

Date & Venue:

Saturday, November 24, 2011 @ 7pm

Jungbu Church in Gaeksa (near Ashley’s)


Click any church name for more information about that church.

  1. Antioch Church
  2. Sujeong Church
  3. Paul Church
  4. Iri Youngrak Church (Iksan)
  5. Wansan Church
  6. Jungbu Church

Theme “Harvest”:



During the initial planning for One Accord 2012, I asked the other leaders (via email) if they had any suggestions for a theme for the event. Justin Bell responded saying that he felt “Reaping the Harvest” was an appropriate theme. I personally was hesitant to specifically call it “Reaping the Harvest” because I was worried that any non-Christians attendees might find that theme a bit too pushy ~ as in “Are they referring to me?”

However, due to the event timing (the American Thanksgiving weekend) and the general feeling during the season, I agreed that “Harvest” would be a good theme and “A Celebration of Thanksgiving” would be a better angle. Thus, the designs reflect that.

To create the design, I combined two images:

  1. A solitary tree at Naejang Mountain from a week prior to designing.
  2. A colorful sunset sky from outside my back window about two weeks before.

T-shirt designs:

Final cost: 5,500 won. Click any image to see it at a larger size.

In order to support the theme of “Harvest” – particularly the wonderful colors of fall, we decided to go with different colored t-shirts this year (as opposed to different colored printing the first year).

There were 6 churches (up from 4 in 2011), and we wanted to show the diversity of congregations and peoples with different colored shirts. Each shirt color was chosen to reflect the fall colors in tree leaves (Jungbu had originally chosen a light blue – “sora”, but changed to orange for this reason).

Below are the original multi-colored designs for this year.

oa-2-antioch-shirts oa-2-wansan-shirts oa-2-jungbu-shirts oa-2-iksan-shirts oa-2-paul-shirts oa-2-sujeong-shirts

S 18
M 18
L 6
XL 6
2XL 2
3XL 1
S 3
M 4
L 4
XL 4
2XL 1
3XL 1
S 3/4
M 4/7
L 2/3
2XL 2
3XL 3
M 7
L 3
XL 1
2XL 1
S 3
M 1
L 1
XL 1
S 5
M 4
L 10
XL 5
2XL 2

With One Accord

Photo credit: So Youngseop


We usually put up banners at the front and back entrances to Jungbu church a week or two before the event. Since Jungbu church is in the middle of the downtown area, it’s a good advertisement for the event and helps newcomers more easily find the location (since the church is hidden behind many other buildings).

This year, we also decided to create a vertical banner for the interior of the church in addition to the exterior banners.

oa-2-banner-horz-6m-small oa-2-banner-horz-7m-small oa-2-banner-vert-6m-smallbanner-focus

Banner measurements are:

  1. Front entrance: 6m x 90cm (19.6 MB)
  2. Back entrance: 7m x 90cm (20.6 MB)
  3. Vertical interior: 90cm x 6m (33.6 MB)



oa-2-antiochoa-2-sujung oa-2-paul oa-2-iriyrchurch oa-2-wansan oa-2-jungbu

Click here for full 300-slide PPT from the event.

PowerPoint design notes: Between each band we usually put up some information about the next church, such as service time, location, and contacts. This time, I decided to use the original Promo PPT and modify it for each church. I found the best picture of the exterior of each building that I could (to give people some visual cues to recognize it) and overlaid the background with each church’s t-shirt color.

The main PPT background was a free download I found on the Internet.

Autumn Praise

Event Costs:

The following were event costs for 2012:

Costs for 2012
Tshirts (individually) 5,000 won
Chicken 170,000 won
Muffin cake and cookies 100,000 won
Kimbap 80,000 won
Beverage and fruit 62,260 won
Total snacks 412,260 won
Posters & banners 710,000 won
TOTAL total 1,122,260 won

Divided by 6 churches:   187,043 won

Equipment/set-up & site view:

Program and Event Notes:


Event: Unity through diversity – good and effective this year. Everyone stayed to the end, though it was quite long. Snacks were also extravagant (and mostly donated).

Some of the bands went quite long (Sujeong, Wansan) so we tried to limit bands by time in 2013 (with mixed results).

Jungbu was booked right up to our warm-up time, and the previous event ran into our setup time. It wasn’t ideal, but understandable. As Jungbu’s second time hosting One Accord, it was a good idea to give that building a break and rotate around in 2013 (Paul Church).

Poster/banner notes:

  • 2011: 2 banners, 500? posters: 500-600,000 won
  • 2012: 3 banners, 300? posters: 710,000 won
  • 2013: 2 smaller banners, 200 posters: 480,000 won

Banners over the parking lot are effective, but costly. They are fun to make, but interior, smaller banners (60cm x 180cm) are equally effective.

T-shirts: Remember to always do “Outline Shapes” for the fonts. Print shops don’t necessarily have those same fonts.

This year I submitted the order on Friday the week before the event, but they were unable to begin printing until Monday at lunch time (after payment was received). One week is generally long enough, but it was getting right down to the wire and I worried we wouldn’t have shirts in time until they arrived Friday night before the event. Order earlier.

Event planning: We had a single face-to-face meeting in Hyoja-Dong’s HomePlus a few weeks prior to the event. I presented the designs at that time.


Click to download the FULL design booklet I prepared.

Facebook Event:


YouTube Playlist:

Event Order:

1. Antioch Church
  1. Have You Heard (This is Love)
  2. Everlasting God
  3. Stand
  4. Jesus Paid It All
2. Sujeong Church
  1. You Are Good
  2. Let It Rise
  3. Holy Spirit
  4. You Alone Are God
3. Paul Church
  1. Everyday
  2. When I Think About the Lord
  3. Through it All
  4. Heart of Worship /
    Blessed Be Your Name
« Intermission »
4. Youngrak Church
  1. More Love, More Power
  2. I’m Trading My Sorrows
  3. This is How We Overcome
  4. For You Alone
5. Wansan Church
  1. I’ll Always Love You
  2. Rock of Ages
  3. Our God
  4. God is Able
6. Jungbu Church
  1. One Way
  2. Your Grace is Enough
  3. You Said
  4. Lead Me to the Cross
  5. Today
    (All together)


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