One Accord 2014: Unity

As with previous One Accord events, I offered to do all the designs for 2014 as well. However, I was asked NOT to do posters as the participants didn’t feel they could justify the extra cost. Nevertheless, I’ve included my initial poster concepts (they usually help me brainstorm the rest of the designs) as well as initial shirt concepts.

Since I had very little work to do on the designs this year, I decided to create customized title slides for each of the songs. Those are visible in the Gallery below:

Shirt Design


Poster Concepts


The theme for 2014 was “Unity” which I’d already explored in 2011 for the first One Accord event. I was asked to consider hands or trees to express the theme, but as I’d already used both of those concepts in 2013 and 2012 respectively, I decided to try to focus on “one body” as the image.

The designs above were provided merely as a sample of my idea (as well as to illustrate the gradual progression of the designs and the potential I had to really create something great). Of the three, the THIRD one with the cut up body was the most inspiring for me and I wanted to explore the design further. However, I never got a chance to finalize the idea.


I wanted to use this CONCEPT to photograph members of each band standing and holding their respective instruments in a similar manner. I was then going to “cut them out” in a patchwork style pattern (not stripes as the image shows).

concept4 concept4-ppt

The original design that inspired me is from Colin Harman.

Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration

It’s a wonderful concept and something I’d never seen done before so I wanted to explore it further and see if I could do something unique with a similar set of photos of the band members who were to participate in the event. However, I never got a chance to finalize the idea.


To give you a better idea of how I usually approach any design project (extensive research and inspiration gathering first), here is a sample of the initial moodboard I created to get started with this design.


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