This Korean Life Magazine Series

As a way for me to both introduce my girlfriend/fiancée to my family in the US when we took a trip there in 2009, and to catch my family up to speed with all that had happened since I left the US in 2006, I created a “magazine” series with our personal stories in it. (Kind of like a blog you could hold in your hands since none of my grandparents really get on the Internet much.)

The following is the complete set of magazines that I’ve created over the years. Initially, I’d considered doing it as a quarterly magazine – and I did with the first 3 editions up to our wedding.

But as each magazine takes a MINIMUM of a solid MONTH to create, it ended up becoming rather impractical to keep up that pace. I decided to go with a yearly magazine instead, but since 2012 when I added a part-time job to my full-time job (and with the additional of children in our family), I was more pressed for time than before and have been unable to continue making the magazines yearly.

The magazines below are all written from a Christian worldview:

2009 Summer This Korean Life


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2009 Fall This American Journey

2009fall-coverEN 2009fall-coverKO

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Korean version

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2009 Winter This Korean Wedding


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Be sure to check out the other designs I made for our wedding here.

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2010 Year One


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2011 The Isaac Book


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Future editions

Updates (hopefully) to come later:

  • 2012 America trip: currently mid-production
  • 2013 pregnancy with Jenna
  • 2014 Jenna’s first year
  • 2015 my wife starts grad school
  • 2016 possibly considering a job change
  • 2017 hoping to be completely debt free

It would be great for us to keep memories of the stories and experiences of our lives along with pictures in a hard copy format, so I’m definitely interested in keeping this project going. So, once I can afford (financially) to NOT continue working 2 jobs, I may take this back up as my personal project – perhaps with a new direction.

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