This Korean Wedding

LONG ago (2009) when I was just getting started in graphic and web design, I got married. “Well, what better way to both (1) show my love for my bride and (2) create some cool portfolio pieces than to design a bunch of stuff for our wedding?” I thought.

Recently, I was also given an opportunity to revisit one of those old designs as I created a wedding bulletin for one of my friends on his big day.

Below, you can find a collection of the various pieces I designed in 2009 for my wedding and the 2015 modification of the wedding bulletin.

Wedding Bulletin 2015

This is the redesigned bulletin for my friend’s wedding. I used a font with a bigger x-height and increased the sizes to make it look crisper and more modern. It was designed to print 2 per A4 paper, front-back, and then be cut in half.


Wedding Bulletin 2009

The bulletin for my own wedding was much longer because we incorporated EVERYTHING I could think of to make it a meaningful event. The font is smaller and the spacing is less refined than the 2015 version.

wedding-bulletin-front wedding-bulletin-inside

Wedding Invitations

I created invitation cards in both English and Korean for our wedding with specialized fonts and decorative items in each. The cards were folded in thirds and mailed.


wedding-invitation-outside-EN wedding-invitation-inside-EN


wedding-invitation-outside-KO wedding-invitation-inside-KO

Wedding Invitations for my friends

After seeing our wedding designs, another couple in our church asked me to also design their wedding invitations. It was my privilege to do so. These were made to be printed 2-per A4 page, front-to-back.

phil-and-abbey-wedding-front invites-final-outside invites-final-inside

This Korean Life Newspaper + Newsletter

I thought it would be interesting to tell a bit of our story to people who would come and might not be familiar with it (this was especially important for my family from America). So, I created and printed a handful of “newspapers” (A3 size) and “newsletters” (A4 size) with the same basic design.

This Korean Life Magazine 3

This is the THIRD “magazine” (10 pages) I created for my family in America to tell them our story. Since no one back home had gotten to know my fiance/wife prior to our wedding, I wanted to give them some deeper understanding of our relationship and how we got to know one another through a “magazine” that I started creating.

Later, the magazine became a great reminder of our past years, but as I became busier trying to provide for my family, I was less able to crank these out. Each one takes AT LEAST ONE MONTH for me to make.

The image on the cover here is actually a combination of FOUR separate images in roughly the same pose. The lighting was poor in some and various parts of the picture were cut off in others, so I pieced this “cover shot” together myself.


wed-spread wed-spread2 hongkongharbor_andus

The Proposal

I wrote about my proposal to my wife in my SECOND “This Korean Life” magazine. I’d also prepared three letters and a PPT image for her on that day to “back up” my proposal. The three letters were titled:

  1. Our Past
  2. Our Present
  3. Our Future (in which I proposed)

proposal letters heart

Wedding Video

Using my white MacBook’s iMovie, I also put together this little video to play after the ceremony. I worked until 12am the night before, stayed up until 3am making this video, and then woke up at 8am (I think) to go get hair and make-up done before the big day. Wow ~ I was tired after all that and slept hard on the bus up to Seoul.

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