Ask A Korean Lawyer Website

One of my former coworkers at Jeonju University is now living in Seoul with his wife who is a lawyer there. She started a Blogspot website back in 2014 to answer legal questions from expats that was called “Ask A Korean Lawyer.” They also published articles in the Korea Herald, Groove Magazine, and on my own Key To Korean website as well.

After building up pretty solid reputation, they contacted me in July 2015 to build a more professional looking website that they could direct clients to. The site was to:

  1. Contain information specifically about Yuna, the lawyer, and the law firm in Seoul where she works
  2. Have space for case studies of successful cases and testimonials from clients
  3. Have a location to continue blogging and collect or link to their previous blog posts

One of the main concerns was to maintain good SEO and not lose the traffic they’d built up on the previous blog.


After asking a number of questions and getting a good feel for the kind of site design they wanted, I decided to build the site using the Lawyeria Lite template. I customized the design slightly and added all the content they provided.



In addition to the website, I also updated their (pixelated) logo to add to the site and make it more modern.

Website Transfer

The two final steps were:

  1. Transferring all the content from the original Blogspot website
  2. And setting up 301 redirect links so that all the previous Google links and cross-site links would redirect to the new WordPress blog

This would help them avoid any loss of traffic and maintain their Search Engine Rankings as they wanted. The following images compare the new blog with the old one.

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