Bubble Ball Korea Flyers

After completing the Bubble Ball Korea website, Nathan’s business partner Steve contacted me about creating some promotional flyers for them to begin advertising with.

Hi Aaron, I’m Nate’s Bubble Ball partner, Steve. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the excellent job you’ve done with the website. I’m delighted with it.

Also, Nate mentioned that you would be able to design a flyer for us. Is that right? And if so, I have all the information necessary to be put on the flyer. A4 size please. I’ll let you know the number of copies soon.

I will get everything necessary into Dropbox later tonight. Apologies about using MS Word to design a layout – I don’t have much else on this computer!

Color scheme similar to the website.

Initial Concept

From the client:


Initially, I Google Searched for as many “sports flyers” as I could in order to get a good feel for the kinds of designs that are really striking. I was particularly interested in Korean designs to model the flyer after something that was already displaying the Hangul text effectively. I chose the following image for inspiration.


I tried a number of different cutouts and backgrounds, but settled on the “face off” in an empty stadium as I felt it was more “grandiose” and “epic” in appearance than the others.

I submitted the first flyer design which we ended up modifying slightly 3 more times before getting it right:

The following is a side-by-side comparison of the initial flyer layout from the client and the final flyer design that was printed.

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