REACH Promotional Materials


In September 2015, the REACH ladies approached me about preparing 3 new designs for them to use on (or before) October 17 for Jeonju’s 2nd annual Walk for Freedom March. This march is a globally organized annual event to draw awareness to the (continued) practice of modern-day slavery (often in the form of prostitution) throughout the world.

The 3 designs were as follows:

  1. REACH Donation envelopes
  2. REACH banners
  3. A21 Walk for Freedom t-shirts

Donation Envelopes

REACH: We’d like to order 500 envelopes with the following info:

  1. Logo
  2. Contact information (Gmail, Facebook)
  3. A line for giver to specify the amount of the donation
  4. Boxes which can checked to specify where the donation should go:
    1. General donation
    2. Special event (with a line to please specify)
    3. Prayer walk gifts
    4. General operations




REACH: We’d like to order at least 1 of the larger vertical banner (like you designed for Antioch & JHOP. Perhaps just with the REACH business card design. Would that be possible?

We will not be carrying any banners/signs during the Walk for Freedom. We would just like to order 1 tall vertical banner with a stand. The banner will be used on October 17 (if it’s ready). As far the design, our key verse is Isaiah 61:1 We all agree that the REACH business card is a good design for the banner but we are always open to your artistic input!



A21 T-shirts

REACH: We will use the same deign as last year but we can’t find the file. What is the next best option to get the design to the printers?

Aaron: I will redraw the logo and shirts.


Note: If you look closely at the design above, you can see that there is a slight discrepancy between between the font in the original design (top) and my redrawn design (bottom). Whenever I need to redraw a design like this to print or use at a higher resolution, I do my best to match the fonts and original design as closely as possible.

A21 Walk in 2014
A21 Walk in 2014


In 2014, the REACH group wanted to screen Nefarious: the Documentary about modern-day slavery on campus and asked me to recreate the English promotional flyer in Korean.

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