Discover Korea Style Guide (Student Project)

The brand Style Guide is one of the MOST important assets in any organization because it lays out in great detail the brand and usage guidelines. This was one of the first sections I completed for my my 122-page Master’s Degree Design book. (You can download the entire e-book here, or order a hard copy from Blurb here.)

The Style Guide section of the book includes things like:

  1. Logo explanation & proper spacing
  2. Brand colors
  3. Brand fonts
  4. Brand voice
  5. Examples of proper brand usage
  6. Improper brand usage
  7. Image (photography) guidelines
  8. Guidelines for creating branded deliverables (print ads, business cards, videos, websites, and so on)

Click any of the images below to “zoom in” and read the entire Style Guide for the Discover Korea brand.


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