Lodem Heal Business Cards

Originally, I was only commissioned for:

  1. Lodem Heal logo
  2. Lodem Heal location map

However, I had a great idea for business cards and wanted to design them for the client to show him that it was possible to have great looking business cards as opposed to simply accepting the cookie-cutter-type templated design that the printing company was likely to give him. (See the example below):

Source: Unisem.co.kr
Source: Unisem.co.kr

Anyone who’s lived in Korea for a while has probably been given a great number of business cards from various contacts. And the one thing about ALL of those business cards that you might notice is that, apart from different background and print colors, there is really nothing very unique about any of them. ALL the business cards I’ve ever received in Korea have followed this same basic format:

  1. Horizontal design
  2. Korean on one side, English (or a map) on the other
  3. Logo in the upper-left corner
  4. Contact name and title in the lower-left
  5. Contact details in the lower-right

Honestly, this kind of design gets boring after a while. No one who gives me one of these kinds of cards really sticks in my mind as an interesting contact after our initial encounter. BUT, someone with a very unique business card design – one that I want to keep pulling out of my wallet and looking at, over and over again. THAT’S the kind of contact that is memorable.

And so, that’s the kind of business card I tried to create here.

The two images below show my original design next to the one that was ultimately printed by the print shop. It still maintains my original concept and the simplicity (and generous portions of whitespace) I used, so I think it’s a good card. It’s definitely one that is fun to pull out and look at more than once!~

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