One Accord 2015: Christmas

Date & Venue:

Saturday, Dec. 12, 2016 @ 6pm
Antioch Church Emmanuel Building, 2nd floor

Theme “Christmas”:


Due to a variety of other events happening in the fall semester, the best date for the 5th annual One Accord event was December 12. Therefore, I suggested we make it a Christmas event including caroling and hot drinks.


Inspiration for the designs came from three main sources:

  1. Josh Wilson’s Christmas song: Jesus is Alive
  2. Isaiah 9:6 and some Mars Hill Church designs I’d seen previously
  3. Keep Calm and Carry On” Posters

The main Font used on the designs is: Keep Calm Medium (based on the Keep Calm posters). I also felt that “Keep Calm and Carry On” was a wonderful message to send for Christmas as it was similar to the message carried by angels in Luke 2:10.


There were two t-shirt designs I created:

  1. One red with “Jesus is Alive” at the top
  2. The other wine colored with “Emmanuel” at the bottom

The churches ended up deciding on the second design (“Emmanuel”) in red.


I wanted to create banners for this event that could be reused for Christmas church services in the next few years, so I avoided putting any “One Accord” logos or event specific information on them (date, time, location). The old Christmas banners are still usable, but with this Christmas event I wanted to add a second set to our collection.


Inspiration for the second banner came from two sources:

  1. My favorite Christmas song is Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (particularly this video)
  2. The first banner announces Jesus’ birth with “Jesus is Alive!” So the second banner awaits his return with “Come, thou long expected Jesus” – thus, the second verse uses a verse from Revelation 19:16 that prophesies how he will return



I created a number of PowerPoint backgrounds for the event and created the entire slideshow in Google Slides.

Later, for the Christmas sermon at church, I wanted to use the same concept but modify the PowerPoint backgrounds slightly for a unique event look.


In addition to the designs above, I also created an Event page on the church’s website, and I began coding a website that contained lyrics for Christmas caroling later in the evening.

My thoughts were:

  1. Printing booklets requires time and money and the papers would get scattered, lost, or littered
  2. Plus, they’d be hard to read in the dark while caroling
  3. But, these days everyone has a smartphone with Internet access.
  4. So, if I simply:
    1. created a one-page website with links to the carols that would
    2. scroll down the page to the lyrics,
    3. everyone would be happy and have a much easier time.

Unfortunately, I was unable to totally finish adding the lyrics to the sample site (and I haven’t uploaded the site “officially”), but the site structure and functionality is mostly intact on my CodePen page:


The site was built with HTML5, CSS3, and a little bit of jQuery.

Event pictures

The following are some pictures from the event featuring my wife and daughter:

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